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Time jumps and interdimensional portals

Temporary phenomena are not as strange as we might think. Throughout the planet, a multitude of cases have been reported at different times, some are only small losses of time like that of the 502 flight of Aviaco in 1978 (no less impressive) and other cases is the individual himself he who experiences the temporary displacement forward or backward in time being able to interact with his "new environment" that appears as strange and emerged from nowhere.
There is a very interesting case that I liked quite a lot and that I read from the book "Time Travel by Vicente Fuentes" that shows this.

The Davies case

This Davies took off from a Chester England airfield flying a Cessna plane. He had to cover the route to Liverpool's Speke Airport but something happened during his trip. When he would have to be flying over the M53 and M56 roads he realizes that they are not there, they have disappeared! Check the indicators of the plane and be aware that this is not possible, so decide to descend to better observe the terrain and can only see field, but no sign of roads. Davies takes the binoculars to see if he can observe something and sees a squad of soldiers who are uniformed as the ancient Roman militias, can also observe some buildings more similar to the time of the ancient Roman Empire. After this vision a thick snow engulfs the Davies plane and when it leaves it, the A548 motorway appears.
Had he encountered a temporary fold that linked two epochs separated by 2000 years?

Davies was convinced that he had flown over an area occupied by the Roman Empire but the funny thing is that it seems that he was not the only one to whom a similar event happened

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