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The double experimenter paradox

I have devised a mental experiment (since we do not have time machines) that I have called "the paradox of the double experimenter" in which it makes more complex if the previous paradox fits.
In my mental exercise we will imagine two people in two separate rooms, both have a machine that can see the future and both see the same place in spacetime; a square full of people and 30 minutes in the future, but neither knows that there is another experimenter looking at the same.
The first is told to intervene, that is; Perform some action to change what you have seen. The second is told not to approach the square until at least until the time has passed when everything will happen.
There is a camera in that square that will record everything that will happen and this same recording will make you see the second experimenter.

During the viewing the two experimenters could see the same thing but what they saw did not happen in reality for both one and the other. The funny thing is that the second experimenter did not know that there was another experimenter and also that he was going to perform an action to change everything.
"Reality" would be much more complex than we think and it is a mystery how we can share it.

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