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Belchite, psychophonies or sound recording from other times?

The issue of psychophonies can not be simplified with the argument that they are recordings of those who are no longer among us, although it is true that many have a certain interaction with who makes them (short answer to a question) in my opinion I think They may have different nature.

To show this, I would like to tell you about Belchite, a town in the province of Zaragoza. I am referring to the old town of Belchite and it is right there that since 1986 very strange acoustic phenomena have been happening.

Since the first sound record in 1986 that happened to Carlos Bogdanich during the broadcast of a radio program called Fourth Dimension and carried out in situ, recordings have been obtained by different research teams that show battle sounds (shots, screams, tanks, bombs …) some of these recordings are too long to be considered as psychophonies. Is it possible that they are sounds of another time that by some sort of phenomenon still unknown reach us?

"Psychophony captured in 2013 during one of the guided visits to Belchite in the chapel at the entrance, the guide left the door locked so that no one could enter during the recording. The sound is increased x4, a microphone was used Gestron of high sensitivity incorporated into the camcorder.In the minute 2:50 and minute 4 approximately several explosions are heard.In the minute 6 the video was cut the battery ran out although it was prepared for 8 uninterrupted hours of recording. is one of the clearest psychophonies that have been achieved in Belchite. "

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