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This message is addressed to you time traveler, I know that
It will come to you at some point in the future because a part of what is on the Internet will remain forever and can be consulted in future times. Right now that you are reading these lines I invite you or your family to go through "our time" and leave us some kind of message. Tell us something about the immediate future and not so immediate. Tell us what you expect to see in the coming years. Will we travel in time as easily as we do in the
space, we will contact other species of the Universe, there are dangers for our humanity, how was the origin of the human race?

There are so many questions that I would ask you
You would have time to answer them.

A citizen in time

You can answer through this form

The issue of psychophonies can not be simplified with the argument that they are recordings of those who are no longer among us, although it is true that many have a certain interaction with who makes them (short answer to a question) in my opinion I think They may have different nature.

To show this, I would like to tell you about Belchite, a town in the province of Zaragoza. I am referring to the old town of Belchite and it is right there that since 1986 very strange acoustic phenomena have been happening.

Since the first sound record in 1986 that happened to Carlos Bogdanich during the broadcast of a radio program called Fourth Dimension and carried out in situ, recordings have been obtained by different research teams that show battle sounds (shots, screams, tanks, bombs …) some of these recordings are too long to be considered as psychophonies. Is it possible that they are sounds of another time that by some sort of phenomenon still unknown reach us?

"Psychophony captured in 2013 during one of the guided visits to Belchite in the chapel at the entrance, the guide left the door locked so that no one could enter during the recording. The sound is increased x4, a microphone was used Gestron of high sensitivity incorporated into the camcorder.In the minute 2:50 and minute 4 approximately several explosions are heard.In the minute 6 the video was cut the battery ran out although it was prepared for 8 uninterrupted hours of recording. is one of the clearest psychophonies that have been achieved in Belchite. "

Temporary phenomena are not as strange as we might think. Throughout the planet, a multitude of cases have been reported at different times, some are only small losses of time like that of the 502 flight of Aviaco in 1978 (no less impressive) and other cases is the individual himself he who experiences the temporary displacement forward or backward in time being able to interact with his "new environment" that appears as strange and emerged from nowhere.
There is a very interesting case that I liked quite a lot and that I read from the book "Time Travel by Vicente Fuentes" that shows this.

The Davies case

This Davies took off from a Chester England airfield flying a Cessna plane. He had to cover the route to Liverpool's Speke Airport but something happened during his trip. When he would have to be flying over the M53 and M56 roads he realizes that they are not there, they have disappeared! Check the indicators of the plane and be aware that this is not possible, so decide to descend to better observe the terrain and can only see field, but no sign of roads. Davies takes the binoculars to see if he can observe something and sees a squad of soldiers who are uniformed as the ancient Roman militias, can also observe some buildings more similar to the time of the ancient Roman Empire. After this vision a thick snow engulfs the Davies plane and when it leaves it, the A548 motorway appears.
Had he encountered a temporary fold that linked two epochs separated by 2000 years?

Davies was convinced that he had flown over an area occupied by the Roman Empire but the funny thing is that it seems that he was not the only one to whom a similar event happened

I have devised a mental experiment (since we do not have time machines) that I have called "the paradox of the double experimenter" in which it makes more complex if the previous paradox fits.
In my mental exercise we will imagine two people in two separate rooms, both have a machine that can see the future and both see the same place in spacetime; a square full of people and 30 minutes in the future, but neither knows that there is another experimenter looking at the same.
The first is told to intervene, that is; Perform some action to change what you have seen. The second is told not to approach the square until at least until the time has passed when everything will happen.
There is a camera in that square that will record everything that will happen and this same recording will make you see the second experimenter.

During the viewing the two experimenters could see the same thing but what they saw did not happen in reality for both one and the other. The funny thing is that the second experimenter did not know that there was another experimenter and also that he was going to perform an action to change everything.
"Reality" would be much more complex than we think and it is a mystery how we can share it.

Rivers of ink have flowed over the grandfather's paradox, many "trying to demonstrate" at the conceptual level the impossibility of time travel, others have managed to avoid that limitation using the idea of ​​parallel universes. But let's not fool ourselves! the real paradoxes are found in the future or rather in the future if we could observe it.

Why do I say this?

We can do a mental exercise to understand why.

We have the technology to see through a screen what it will contain ten minutes after the current moment. If this were so we would find that depending on what we can see we could create a paradox or not. why?

If what we are seeing is foreign and distant to us and if we do not perform any action to change it, nothing could possibly happen, everything would happen the same as we have seen it, but the thing changes if we are seeing ourselves as in that case they can happen two things: we do not do what we have seen and this will make "that universe-reality" never exist from our point of view or we try to reproduce the same thing that we have seen ourselves do something that is impossible for us to reproduce as much as we try and which would also lead us to "that universe-reality" never exist either.

We can try it! If we videotaped ourselves and then tried to reproduce exactly all our movements, even if we tried a million times we would not succeed.

So if we could see the future the same act of seeing it would be changing it.


As I see it, a temporary traveler to return to his time "his reality" after having made a change in the past would need a link with that reality, that is: as long as the Einstein-Rosen bridge does not break and communicate the two points of space-time will not lose the link with "its reality". In this way, a temporary traveler could experience a new timeline, even spend years there without fear of not being able to return to the original time line "his reality."

The grandfather's paradox is based on the assumption that if time travel were to take place and you would kill your own grandfather before you were conceived, your father and by extension yourself would never have been born making it impossible to travel in time in this way. that you could never do it for not having existed.

This paradox is solved with the theory of parallel universes (currently in vogue for theoretical physics), that is, if one travels back in time and changes something of the past, what one would really be doing would "create" a new timeline. independent of the first. So the future of that timeline would be different from the future where you come from. Another thing would be how to return to "your reality" of origin.